How I Went From Broke to Six Figures

How I Went From Broke to Six Figures

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If you’ve been following my blog, you might already know that Jake and I made a combined $20,000 in the year 2017. This was the same year we made TWO cross-country moves, as well as the year we got married. Money has always been tight, and we were miserable while I worked on several start-ups and Jake worked full time at a few terrible jobs. 

This summer, we decided to change that. We were out for a drive in our taped-together Toyota (oh, yeah. Jacob wrecked our 2013 Corolla last winter and we couldn’t afford to fix it. Heavy duty black duct-tape is a life saver) when we saw a random billboard that would change our lives. 


Now, plenty of people would have ignored that sign. We had the dozens of times we’d driven past it before. But this had been a particularly stressful week – our dogs had to go to the vet, and our car was literally falling apart. I called my dad, who’s been a truck driver for 40 years. I asked, “How could Jacob and I become truck drivers?” He gave me a list of companies to look at and a few tips. That day, I looked through all the companies he gave me with three criteria in mind. 

  1. We had to be together. We have always been a team, and we didn’t want to be separated by work any more than we had to. 
  2. The company had to pay for our schooling. School to get your CDL is about $4000 per person, and it would have been impossible for us to swing.
  3. It had to start ASAP. We were drowning in debt and about to have our car taken away. We didn’t have a moment to spare. 

With those criteria in mind, we decided on Contract Freightors, Inc, otherwise known as CFI. If you live in the United States and drive, chances are you’ve seen the big red trucks rolling down the interstate. 

A week and a half later, we had our Commercial Driver Permits and we were in school. School lasted about a month, and we learned to double clutch a ten-speed and maneuver these behemoths. We took our tests (both of us failing the first try but passing the second) and were in orientation the next Monday. The best part about orientation was the fancy hotel apartment we stayed in, only a mile from the company headquarters. We lived close enough to have our car with us, but not close enough to afford the daily drive from home, so we got amazing WiFi, brand-new appliances, and a 10 foot deep pool for the week. We were paid $100 for the week, and then we went out separately with our trainers. 

Jake had it easy – his trainer was ready to go within the week. I, however had to wait on a non-smoking female trainer, which ended up being two months. Jacob had been on the road in our nearly brand-new truck for a month before I even started with my trainer. While I waited, though, I was paid detention pay. $75 a day until my trainer became available. This was more than I’d ever made for actually WORKING, and I was at home doing nothing for it! 

Get paid to travel

Now, Jake and I are driving together, making 54 cents per mile that the truck moves. This adds up quick, as we average over 5,000 miles per week. At this rate, we’ll have our RV by next summer, and it won’t even be falling apart! I’m using my checks to invest in my online businesses, and we’re hoping they pay off before our contracts renew. In the few months we’ve worked here, we’ve more than surpassed our 2017 pay, and we’re just getting started. The best part of all this? We get paid six figures a year to travel the United States. We often get downtime in gorgeous cities with the opportunity to explore, and it’s absolutely amazing.

Are you interested in becoming a truck driver? Comment and let me know!

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