10 Winter Date Ideas for People Who Hate Winter

10 Winter Date Ideas for People Who Hate Winter

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I hate winter. There, I said it. I hate the cold, and I hate having to do holidays. Perhaps it’s just my aversion to people, but I’m a bit of a grinch. Therefore, it’s really hard for my husband and I to find dates that I enjoy in the winter time. If you dislike winter as much as me, or just want an unconventional evening out with your significant other, these ideas just might be for you!

1. Go swimming!

Any time I go swimming at my local YMCA, it doesn’t quite feel like winter anymore. After all, I’m in a heated indoor pool in a bikini, so how could it possibly be cold? Swimming is also a great way to exercise without even feeling like you’re working out, so you’re not just getting a fun, warm date, you’re staying healthier than if you were just lying on the couch! Does your town have an indoor water park? Even better! Just don’t bring a bag of sand and your sandcastle supplies, or you might get kicked out.

2. Build a blanket fort

Blanket forts are awesome, and they’re a great way to keep the cold away and hang out with your significant other. When it’s feeling a bit too wintry outside, my husband and I will gather all the blankets we can find and set up the TV for a movie marathon or video games.

3. Indoor Camping

Go one step further and build a tent in your living room! Roast some marshmallows over a three-wick candle and set up a speaker with ambient sound so that it feels like summer but without the bugs! Because of the lack of insects, you can even set up a fondue pot and have delicious food you wouldn’t usually get out of a camping trip.

4. Supermarket Date

It may sound lame, but going to the supermarket can be a lot of fun, and they’re nice and warm. Go shopping for some of your favorite summer snacks, and make sure to have fun doing it. My husband and I like to pronounce words on the labels incorrectly just to add a bit of extra fun to the trip.

5. Roomba Battles

If you have a pair of Roombas (or feel like buying some), tape a balloon to each Roomba and some weapons. The goal is to pop your opponent’s balloon, but just make sure to keep any people and pets away from the armed robots, or you might become responsible for a mini robotic uprising.

6. Painting Class

A painting class can be fun, especially if you enjoy wine, as many towns have a wine and paint program that’s popular with couples. If you’d rather not pay for a class, you can pick up a couple of cheap canvases and paints and go along with a Bob Ross video. You don’t have to be artistic, as the experience is what matters. It can even be more fun to create horrible paintings together!

7. Blind Cooking

Cooking for your significant other can be super romantic, but it can be even more fun if you pick out a bunch of ingredients that you don’t usually cook with or that don’t usually go together and make something out of it. If you’d rather make something that’s pre-approved for deliciousness, use an app that lets you lift off what you have in your pantry to give you a list of recipes. Who knows, you might find your new favorite meal! It may be even more fun if you act like the host of a cooking show.

8. Go to the animal shelter.

If, like me, you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, you might benefit from a furry friend to help you through the winter, and setting a date to pick out your new family member can be a lot of fun and a great bonding experience, especially if you live together. Whenever my husband and I get a pet, we take it to the pet store to pick out a new toy and any other supplies we may need that we haven’t already bought. NOTE: Getting a pet is an important decision. Please do not get a pet on impulse, as you need to know that you can (and want to) take care of it for the rest of its life, which can be upwards of twenty years or more.

9. Thrift Shopping

Thrift stores are an absolute gold mine, especially if you’re just looking to have some fun. They’re inherently full of things that people don’t want, so go to a thrift store, split up, and find the most horrible gift you can for the other person. Alternatively, go together and pick out outfits that the other person wouldn’t usually wear, and wear those outfits out to dinner.

10. Support your local theatre!

Although the plays will usually be holiday-themed in December, it’s still a fun experience to go see live theatre. Most places have community theatre programs, and supporting these is a great way to keep the arts alive in your town, as well as promoting community involvement. If you don’t want to see a holiday-themed play, you might be able to find auditions for the next play! Join your significant other for auditions, and even if you don’t get a part, you’ve had a fun evening.

What’s the most unconventional date you’ve ever been on? Any suggestions for us winter haters? Let me know in the comments!

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